Seasonal Safety On The Roads

How to be Safe on the Roads During the Winter

As the season changes, road conditions become more challenging. Are you ready? This article will provide a few tips on how you can prepare for the weather. General maintenance keeps your vehicle in shape. Heightened awareness will help you stay safe. Even pedestrian and bike commuters are affected by seasonal hazards.

Routine basic maintenance checks all year long will help your car handle well on wet roads:

  • Having all-weather tires gives you more traction.
  • Bring your car in for tire rotations periodically. Doing this will even out how your tires wear down.
  • Wiper blades should have a snug fit. If they do not give you a clear view with one swipe, they need to be replaced. Often, the people at an auto parts store can quickly show you how to install a new set of blades. Especially as daylight grows shorter properly working head and tail lights are a must.
  • Hazard kits can be kept in your vehicle too. Supplies you need include jumper cables, a spare tire, road flares, and a tire iron. Salt or cat litter can be kept to help you navigate icy patches on roads.

State of mind is key to weathering the winter season:

  • First, allow an extra 5-15 minutes for the start and end of your commute. Motor vehicle accidents occur more frequently and can delay your commute.
  • Second, check twice when merging, changing lanes, and passing through pedestrian areas.
  • Third, check ahead of time whether there are any road closures due to snow or flooding.
  • Above all, remember not to text and drive. Distracted driving can turn a few seconds into a life-altering event.

Walking and biking to work can be rewarding. However, keep in mind that visibility decreases in the last three months of the year. When walking or biking, be sure to:

  • Wear bright light or reflective clothing.
  • Consider turning your headphones down so you can hear more of the road.
  • Always look twice before crossing streets. Even with the new distracted driving law, many drivers are tweeting and texting at the wheel. Being alert can help you notice these people and stay clear.

Our experienced personal injury trial attorneys know well the difficulties you face on the roads. Please stay safe out there as the seasons change. We would like to hear any advice or tips you have on this topic as well!