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Nov 2017

Truth And Juries: Getting To The Story

People remember stories, not facts. As children, we are enthralled by stories. The same holds true for adults. A gifted storyteller captures your imagination and takes you places where you have never been. I learned this when I attended a month-long program for trial lawyers at the Spence Trial Lawyers College in September 2016. The…

Nov 2017

Seasonal Safety On The Roads

How to be Safe on the Roads During the Winter As the season changes, road conditions become more challenging. Are you ready? This article will provide a few tips on how you can prepare for the weather. General maintenance keeps your vehicle in shape. Heightened awareness will help you stay safe. Even pedestrian and bike…

Nov 2017

The Future: Genetic Testing and Insurance Companies

Benefits of Genetic Testing What does genetic testing have to do with a motor vehicle collision? Imagine that you are stopped at a red light when—WHAM—you are rear-ended. You are injured. Years later, you have to file a lawsuit against the driver that rear-ended you. As part of the legal process, the insurance company of…

Nov 2017

Breakthrough Technology vs. Insurance Company Doctors

Insurance Company Doctors Insurance companies get away with paying little on personal injury claims because of their insurance doctors. The insurance doctors are paid millions of dollars per year by the insurance industry, but they save the insurance companies millions more. How does a personal injury attorney fight back? The insurance doctor examines the injured…