Habtu had been wheelchair-bound since a spinal cord injury during his childhood in Africa. In 2010 Habtu was riding on a Metro bus in his wheelchair when a car abruptly made a U-turn, causing the bus driver to slam on his brakes. Habtu was thrown to the floor, causing injury to his hand and shoulder. He lost strength in his hand and was unable to use it to propel his manual wheelchair.

Habtu tried in vain to settle the claim on his own for three years. The insurance company for the bad driver realized that it was negotiating with someone who was unrepresented and tried to buy him off cheap. The insurance company offered Habtu $5000 to settle all claims. Habtu was at a loss. As an immigrant, he did not know any personal injury lawyers and knew better than to trust the advertisements for personal injury lawyers he saw on TV.

The day before the statute of limitations expired, Habtu heard about attorney Rebeccah Graham. Rebeccah agreed to drop everything on short notice so that she could represent Habtu for his injuries. Rebeccah moved quickly and filed suit the same day she was retained to preserve Habtu’s claim.

Rebeccah retained an expert witness who examined Habtu and provided a helpful opinion. She negotiated a settlement for $125,000. Habtu used this money to purchase a motorized wheelchair and a handicapped van to help him with his mobility.

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