Rene had just left a yoga class and was walking home in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. As she was crossing at a marked intersection with the right of way, she was struck by a vehicle driven by a well-known personal injury attorney who had become distracted by his children. Rene was knocked to the ground, resulting in a broken arm. The attorney knew that even his own insurance company was unlikely to treat any claimant fairly, and he told Rene that she would likely have to file suit against him in order to receive fair treatment. After undergoing surgery, and being forewarned that she might have to sue the attorney who hit her (despite his acknowledgment of liability), Rene sought the advice of friends and ultimately hired Mike Maxwell.

Mike, knowing that in this instance the driver who struck Rene was likely to exert pressure on his insurance company to treat Rene fairly, suggested a pre-suit interview and mediation. The company agreed and appointed an attorney to represent them with whom Mike had a collegial relationship for many years. At mediation, they were able to negotiate a $150,000 settlement for Rene.

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