Kevin works as a water safety engineer in a small town in southwest Washington. One day, as he was driving home on Interstate 5, three different tractor-trailers jackknifed in front of him. Kevin had plenty of time to stop, but the truck in the lane next to him swerved into his lane, smashing into the side of his truck and fracturing his collarbone. Fortunately, Kevin’s collarbone healed over time, but he was left with residual pain and stiffness, along with a loss of income for the time he was laid up.

When Maxwell Graham sued the truckers involved in the crash, each of them denied liability, claiming that someone else was at fault. As the trial drew closer, their trucking companies finally began to acknowledge that there was negligence on the part of their drivers. As a result, the truckers agreed to mediation, and together they paid $130,000 to settle Kevin’s injury claim.

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