Breakthrough Technology vs. Insurance Company Doctors

Insurance Company Doctors

Insurance companies get away with paying little on personal injury claims because of their insurance doctors. The insurance doctors are paid millions of dollars per year by the insurance industry, but they save the insurance companies millions more. How does a personal injury attorney fight back?

The insurance doctor examines the injured person and always says that the person is not injured. The insurance doctor will claim that there is no objective evidence of injury. No MRI, no X-ray, no CT. The insurance doctor will never believe the word of the injured person. The insurance doctor will ignore the opinions of the injured person’s treating doctors.

Using DynaRom to Detect Injuries

At Maxwell Graham PS, we fight back. One of our best tools is the DynaRom. How the DynaRom works is complicated, but it works as a lie detector. If the person is truly injured, the DynaRom will show the injury and the insurance doctor will not be able to deny it. If the person is not injured, then DynaRom will also rule out a fake injury claim.

You would think that insurance companies might be interested in learning whether people are truly injured. They are not. They are more interested in pretending that these people are not injured so that they don’t have to pay the claims. This is how insurance doctors help insurance companies. And this is why we use the DynaRom to fight back.

Do all lawyers use the DynaRom? No. In fact, most personal injury attorneys have never heard of it. We have teen-telling attorneys for years about this great tool, but few of them are willing to learn about it or get involved.

If you would like to learn more about DynaRom, check out their site here. If you are looking to hire a personal injury attorney for an injury case, we recommend that you ask the attorney whether they are familiar with DynaRom. If they are not, then maybe they talk a good game but are not using the latest and greatest technology to battle the insurance doctors.