Car Maintenance Top Ten List

Maintaining a vehicle properly can help stop accidents from happening. Did you know that balding tires can make it harder to stop your car in time? Add rainy, snowy, or icy streets and a balding tire will not provide enough traction to drive or stop safely. Caring for your tires regularly is important.

Keeping your engine in good running condition is also important. We have all seen cars pulled over on the side of the highway. These vehicles actually pose a hazard for other drivers, as well as for the owners of the stopped vehicle. Accidents can be caused by cars on the freeway shoulder or the driver of the stranded vehicle can be put in danger due to other drivers’ negligence. A great way to ensure your vehicle does not break down on a highway is to complete regular maintenance.

Visibility is a key factor on the road. Your brake lights should always be functioning and serve as a visual guide to other drivers. Drivers behind you cannot know to slow down unless they see your brake lights. Working headlights should also be bright enough for you to see the road at night. This can help you avoid potholes, look out for pedestrians and bicyclists, and observe road signs (i.e. stop signs, speed limit, etc.)

Below is our suggested top ten checklist of maintenance tasks you should be doing. Remember, the intervals at which your oil and fluids need to be changed may differ based on your vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual or mechanic for more information, a good maintenance checklist will vary depending on the vehicle. We also recommend becoming familiar with the intervals at which your tires need to be rotated

  1. Have your oil changed regularly.
  2. Have fluids checked regularly including; wiper fluid, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, etc.
  3. Purchase a tire pressure gauge and check your tire pressure regularly. Most gas stations will provide air if you need more pressure.
  4. Get your tires rotated regularly to even out patterns of wear. Some people prefer to bring their vehicle into a tire shop regularly to get their tire pressure refilled and tires rotated.
  5. Do a simple once over on your car frequently. Check for working lights and anything out of the ordinary including strange sounds or items out of place.
  6. A Pacific Northwest must: make sure your wiper blades are replaced when they no longer provide you with a clear view.
  7. Have your cabin air and engine air filters checked regularly and replaced as needed.
  8. Have your spark plugs checked often and replaced when needed.
  9. You can download a Car Maintenance Tracker app for your Android or Apple phone for helpful reminders.
  10. Try to keep your gas tank above half full whenever possible. Keep a gas can in your vehicle also.

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