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KEPR TV: COURT PAPERS: Third patient alleges mistreatment by OB/GYN

Watch the video here – June 15, 2015

“We have reports from various sources that Dr. Ortolano was falling asleep during this procedure,” says attorney Michael Maxwell. He represents a third former patient suing Dr. Ortolano and Arbor Healthcare for Women.

The lawsuit alleges a botched delivery followed by a painful procedure that resulted in the need for a hysterectomy. Maxwell says the patient needed surgery to remove a portion of the baby’s placenta that was mistakenly left inside his client. The woman says she asked for her tubes to be tied but Dr. Ortolano recommended a permanent birth control called Essure.

Maxwell reports, “The word was out that this was a dangerous product and from our point of view, once the doctor knows it is dangerous and it’s risky for a patient he better do it right.”

In addition to what he calls a dangerous product, the attorney claims the device was installed improperly, requiring yet another surgery to remove the woman’s fallopian tubes and uterus. This is the third lawsuit filed against the Richland doctor. Two other women are suing over claims they also needed hysterectomies due to botched procedures.

To get the doctor’s side, we visited Arbor Healthcare once again. The doctor’s attorney emailed a statement saying, “Arbor Healthcare denies the allegations… and will be defending the cases vigorously. All five providers at Arbor Healthcare continue to provide excellent care to their patients.”

Maxwell’s client is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.