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Jul 2023

Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM)—Auto Insurance That Protects You

Imagine you are stopped at a stoplight on your way to work. Wham—you are struck from behind. Your car is totaled. You hurt everywhere and are unable to think straight. Police respond and you are rushed to the hospital on a backboard in an ambulance. After several hours and a multitude of X-rays, MRI, and…

Jul 2023

Personal Injury Protection – Cheap Insurance That Provides Peace Of Mind

Most people purchase auto insurance without ever giving much thought to the kinds of coverage that they are actually buying. Anyone who watches television, surfs the internet, or listens to the radio will be exposed to advertisements for auto insurance. If the content of these ads describes what is most important to consumers, then low…

Oct 2022

Truck Crashes Are On The Rise

Truck crashes happen every day on Washington roads and highways. Nationally, deadly truck crashes are a major public health and safety problem. Since 2009, the number of truck crashes has increased by 45%—resulting in a 57% increase in truck crash injuries and a 20% increase in truck crash fatalities. In 2015, in the United States…

Nov 2017

The Future: Genetic Testing and Insurance Companies

Benefits of Genetic Testing What does genetic testing have to do with a motor vehicle collision? Imagine that you are stopped at a red light when—WHAM—you are rear-ended. You are injured. Years later, you have to file a lawsuit against the driver that rear-ended you. As part of the legal process, the insurance company of…