Nov 2017

Breakthrough Technology vs. Insurance Company Doctors

Insurance companies get away with paying little on personal injury claims because of their insurance doctors. The insurance doctors are paid millions of dollars per year from the insurance industry, but they save the insurance companies millions more. How does a personal injury attorney fight back? The insurance doctor examines the injured person and always…

Aug 2015

Woman Gets Pregnant After Clinic Mixes Up Birth Control Shot And Flu Shot: Lawsuit

A Seattle woman filed a lawsuit last week alleging that a health clinic mistakenly gave her a flu shot instead of a birth control injection, after which she got pregnant. Yesenia Pacheco went to a Neighborcare clinic in September for a routine shot of Depo-Provera, a hormonal form of birth control that she was scheduled…

Aug 2015

Seattle woman sues clinic for getting flu shot, instead of birth control injection

  SEATTLE — A Seattle woman claims a big mistake made by staff at a Seattle community clinic left her with a flu shot instead of a birth control injection. The woman says the federal government needs to pay for her unwanted pregnancy. Yesenia Pacheco loves her 3-year-old daughter, Sandra. But her third child was not…