The law in Washington is clear: pedestrians have the right of way, and drivers have a duty to stop or avoid them. Sometimes, though, the driver tries to blame the pedestrian for the mishap. If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian collision, know that the attorneys at Maxwell Graham have helped many catastrophically injured pedestrians recover the compensation they deserve.

Featured Case Results

for pedestrian who was hit while standing in a pedestrian median while crossing a busy street. The car drove onto the poorly marked median, striking our teenage client. We sued the City of Lynnwood and King County, Washington for failing to properly maintain the median.
K.B. v. Humberstone, City of Mill Creek, State of Washington, Washington Department of Transportation 2022
for pedestrian injured when hit in crosswalk. Our client claimed he had a walk sign while the driver claimed she had a green light. Our investigation found the crosswalk sign was malfunctioning and the City of Shoreline had prior notice of the malfunction. We sued the City of Shoreline and State of Washington along with the at-fault driver.
P.S. vs. Morris, King County, Washington and City of Shoreline. 2022
Policy Limits Settlement
for an injured cyclist struck by a car who turned left in front of him. Client fractured his left ankle and a labral tear to his shoulder.
Policy Limits Settlement
for a client struck by a driver in crosswalk. The at fault driver denied fault and claimed our client was not in the crosswalk and did not have walk signal. We litigated this case and the Judge found the at fault driver 100% at fault. The case settled for the at fault driver’s policy limits shortly after.
O.K. vs. Serin. 2019
for bicyclist injured when she struck a pothole and fell off her bike resulting in multiple injuries.
J.S. vs. City of Seattle. (2018)