Feb 2018

Car Maintenance Top Ten List

Maintaining a vehicle properly can help stop accidents from happening. Did you know that balding tires can make it harder to stop your car in time? Add rainy, snowy or icy streets and a balding tire will not provide enough traction to drive or stop safely. Caring for your tires regularly is important. Keeping your…

Nov 2017

Seasonal Safety On The Roads

As the season changes, road conditions become more challenging. Are you ready? This article will provide a few tips on how you can prepare for the weather. General maintenance keeps your vehicle in shape. Heightened awareness will help you stay safe. Even pedestrian and bike commuters are affected by seasonal hazards. Routine basic maintenance checks…

May 2016

KEPR TV: COURT PAPERS: Third patient alleges mistreatment by OB/GYN

Watch the video here – June 15, 2015 “We have reports from various sources that Dr. Ortolano was falling asleep during this procedure,” says attorney Michael Maxwell. He represents a third former patient suing Dr. Ortolano and Arbor Healthcare for Women. The lawsuit alleges a botched delivery followed by a painful procedure that resulted…

Mar 2016

Mike Maxwell discusses ERISA lien claims at Washington State Association for Justice

Attorney Michael Maxwell, JD, LL.M., speaks to the Washington State Association for Justice about ERISA lien claims. He gives an overview of the historical court decisions and discusses how they affect your client’s rights and your litigation.

Mar 2016

PI Attorney Mike Maxwell explains why DC’s need DynaROM Motion sEMG from MyoVision

PI Attorney Mike Maxwell explains why DC’s need DynaROM Motion sEMG from MyoVision from David Marcarian on Vimeo.